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This is a picture of a flatbed truck for tow services.

We have the confidence to tell you that whatever towing service you are seeking, there is a very high probability that we can provide it to you as the leading tow truck company in the region. Our large fleet of vehicles include some of the most sophisticated tow trucks currently on the market. They are fuel efficient and offer a wealth of range to conduct emergency towing, recovery towing and roadside assistance from light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. This is why we are a popular choice among both commercial vehicle owners and private owner car and trucks. As a 24 hour towing company we are capable of locating your vehicle and providing a number of services that many other towing service companies can not conduct at any given hour. Our large fleet of fuel efficient vehicles and rapid response dispatch systems is a popular choice in the region for this reason. Towing and recover services should be convenient, affordable, and reliable and Lincoln Wrecker Service fulfils these criteria.

Our services include:

  • Light to Medium Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service
  • Tow Truck Service
  • 24 hour Recovery Towing
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Winch outs & Roll back Service

When clients use our service they have the peace of mind knowing that they have selected a top rated roadside assistance, auto towing,  and heavy duty towing company that is fully competent in a wide variety of towing tasks. Whether you have a piece of equipment or a heavy vehicles that requires a tow truck with enormous power and rotator service or you have a smaller towing need, we are able to assist and dispatch an experienced driver with a clean record.

Lincoln, NE