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Light to Medium Towing

This is a picture of a light to medium towing.

Light to medium towing has the advantage of providing you with towing that can reach into tight spots for times when you have a food truck or utility truck or even a camper that requires towing. Lincoln Wrecker Service is a reliable and 24 hours tow truck service with a large fleet of vehicles for all your towing and recovering needs. There is no other service in the region that offers you the customer service and rapid response that you need when you’re in trouble and need recovery service. You will also have the confidence of knowing that are drivers are experienced and have decades of skill to recover your vehicle from tight spots.

Variety of Vehicles

As a light to medium towing service, we are well regarded for our variety of vehicles. There are some tow truck services that may show up when you call, but they just don’t have the accurate equipment to get the job done without a high risk of damaging your vehicle. Our fleet has a wide selection of vehicles suitable for any task you need. So when you have a school bus, shuttle bus or some type of utility vehicle you will have the peace of mind that we can provide the light to medium towing you need to get your trucks out of tight spots with absolutely no damage to them.

Safety First

When you have a vehicle that is 14,000 pounds or less, you probably require a light to medium tow truck. You also need a tow truck service that offers safety first drivers with experience. We show up on time and ready to tow your commercial or private vehicle and no matter how small it is we take the precautions you expect from a professional towing service. You will benefit from our large fleet of light to medium tow trucks, which means you never have long waits to recover your vehicle. We also take great care of vehicles in our care so that they do not experience any further damage than they already have.

Emergency Assistance

You won’t be able to tell the difference between our day time hours or our nighttime hours because we are always available and ready to assist clients with the light to medium towing service the need. The recovery and towing of your vehicle doesn’t have to wait until daylight hours because we have the state of the art equipment, technology and skilled drivers who are well equipped to handle the jobs. This means that when you call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day we promptly answer the phone and dispatch a driver to your location to provide the quality customer care that you want.

Why Hire Us

When you need solutions, we have the answers for all your light to medium towing needs. We have the professional drivers with clean driving records as well as a large fleet of vehicles to select from. Lincoln Wrecker Service is well known for quality customer service and rapid response to calls. This is what you can expect from a reliable and trusted towing service.

Lincoln, NE