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We love assisting customers and we take the time and concern to ensure that you and your vehicle are safe while you are awaiting our services. When you contact Lincoln Wrecker Service, you can feel confident that our auto towing, emergency, recovery and roadside assistance is the right choice for you and your vehicle. Calling for help shouldn’t be hard or frustrating. In an age of long waits for a live customer service person to assist, you never have to fear us doing the same to you. We know that you are likely facing a tough situation or an emergency and you need assistance fast. This is why we provide rapid response and a dispatcher issues a tow truck to your destination immediately. For many of us, leaving our vehicles were they broke down on the side of the road is just not a reasonable strategy. We need the car and it’s also taking a risk that it will not be vandalized or removed by someone not authorized by the vehicle owner. Perhaps you have heard of news reports of unsolicited towing companies that remove vehicles and hold them hostage until expensive storage fees is paid by the car owner. You can avoid these unethical practices by contacting our towing service for the help you need at a price you can afford.

When you call us day or night, we are available and you can rely on our 24 hour towing to show up with the correct state of the art equipment needed for the task at hand. Lincoln Wrecker Service is a top rated tow truck company that you can call, send emails, or send us messages on  any of our social media platforms and get an immediate response.

Lincoln, NE