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About Us

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

Whenever you require towing service you, Lincoln Wrecker service is there to provide This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance., recovery, roadside assistance and more with the speed and efficiency you expect from a reputable tow truck company. There are so many times accidents and breakdowns are unpredictable and you need a reliable service with a wide selection of tow truck styles. From flatbeds to monster trucks that can pull and rotate even the heaviest of loads and vehicles, we are able to provide stellar towing and recovery of vehicles. Breakdowns and recovery of your vehicle after accidents are stressful enough without the financial burden of having your car towed for an exorbitant amount of money. You can avoid these issues by using out exceptional services. Our drivers have years of experience operating state of the art equipment and when they reach you, they know the accurate solutions that provide you with efficient roadside assistance and provide a do no harm approach to recovering your vehicle.

As a towing company we value you good customer service and you will find your vehicle is in good hands. We also possess a large fleet of vehicles of varying capacities. That is what makes us so popular in the region, from flatbed and roll back services to rotator and recovery services, we do it all for fair and affordable prices so you don’t have to worry about price gouging when you have enough worries to contend with having been in an accident or stranded on the road from a breakdown.

Lincoln, NE