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24 Hour Recovery Towing

This is a picture of a 24 hour recovery towing.

Access to 24 hour recovery towing should be easy, but it’s not always simple to fine a reputable towing company that you can trust not to price gouge you in the middle of the night. That’s why Lincoln Wrecker Service is such a popular towing service. Customers know they can rely on our towing services and pay an affordable and fair rate for 24 hour assistance that is 7 days a week even on holidays. So if you find yourself in need or emergency services in the middle of rush hour or in the middle of the night, know that there we are there for you and will immediately dispatch a driver to recover your truck or car.

Emergency Aid for Accidents

Whether you’ve experienced a large or small accident, you have a towing service that is reliable and trusted to show up for emergency aid. There is just no way to predict when you will have an accident so it’s better to be ready with a trusted towing service to call. Lincoln Wrecker Service offers clients emergency aid in sunshine, rain, snowstorm and all other weather conditions. It’s no laughing matter to need 24 hour recovery towing, rather you need a tow truck service that is serious about showing up and offering professional assistance with good customer service attention.

Fast Response

No one has time to wait for hours on for a driver that is lost or makes unauthorized stops along the way to recover your vehicle. Our drivers have a clean record and are serious about their profession. Every Lincoln Wrecker Service driver provides fast response when they are dispatched to recover your vehicle. The time of day doesn’t matter, they will always arrive with professional skills and have deep experience with your situation to assist you. We take great pride in our value service for 24 hour assistance that is also 7 days a week and also on holidays.

High Quality Equipment

Not every tow truck service has the advantage of a large fleet of vehicles that are also state of the art and fuel efficient. This is how we are able to provide a rapid response when drivers are dispatched. Our high quality equipment provides you with the benefit of knowing that your car or vehicle will not be damaged in the recovery process. We easily make roadside repairs and tow you easily to your designated location because we have accurate equipment that extends far beyond traditional tow trucks. Whether you have a flat tire or you require lock out service or fuel refill, our fleet is more than able to meet the challenge of any 24 hour emergency you have.

Why Hire Us

When you call a 24 hour recovery service, you should feel confident that a dispatcher will immediately answer your distress call. The drivers should also be fast and efficient and be able to offer you a variety of services that do no harm to your vehicle. We are able to do all this and more 7 days a week, and also on holidays so that you get the help you need any time you need it.

Lincoln, NE